Multi Discharrow

The Monster AGK-BG disc harrow is a compact disc tillage machine available in the working width sizes of 2.5, 3.0,3.5, 4.0,4.5, 5.0,5.5, and 6.0 m. The two rows of offset discs to work the soil are arranged for an aggressive attack and ripping, thorough mixing and breaking of stubble in a single pass. In this tillage type, the disc attack is modified with the working depth that is in turn changed by operating the hydraulic coupling height on the tractor; this changes the pressure on the disc, the disc angle to the tillage direction; this also enables a more aggressive drawing of the discs into the soil. The overall machine is compact and easy to maneuver on the field and on the road. The machine is also very convenient in operation. With a machine this versatile, the stubble and harvest residues are thoroughly mixed.

Technicial Specifications:
ModelCount of DiscsDistance of discsPower (hp)Weight (kg)TypeDisc Diameter (mm)Width
16 AGK-BG 5316250 mm65-751200550 mm2000 mm
20 AGK-BG 532.250 mm80-1001650550 mm2500 mm
24 AGK-BG 5324250 mm100-1151750550 mm3000 mm
28 AGK-BG 5328250 mm110-1302000550 mm3500 mm
32 AGK-BG 5332250 mm130-15023003150550 mm4000 mm
36 AGK-BG 5336250 mm150-17024503250550 mm4500 mm
40 AGK-BG 5340250 mm170-21026003400550 mm5000 mm